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Nooks in the house

Breakfast nooks are in many homes, and are used not just for their aptly named meal, but are also a great place to drink coffee and read the newspaper in the morning. There are many different styles and designs of breakfast nooks, but they are usually designed to take advantage of the morning light (as dining rooms, which are used for meals later in the day, are often not naturally lit until afternoon or evening).
In multe case putem gasi colturi pentru micul dejun. Ele insa, nu sunt folosite doar pentru masa lor pe bună dreptate, dar, de asemenea, sunt un loc minunat de a bea cafea şi de a citi ziarul de dimineata. Există diferite stiluri, desene şi modele de colturi pentru micul dejun, dar ele sunt de obicei proiectate pentru a profita de lumina zilei.
  1. Definition

    • A traditional breakfast nook is a small area just off from the main kitchen that can comfortably fit the family members to eat their meals. Usually it faces a window to provide natural morning sunlight and a pleasant view. It is usually furnished simply, with tables, chairs, and perhaps pillows. While a semi-secluded breakfast nook helps to give it its cozy feel, a more open-area breakfast nook is also possible. Many homeowners looking to create a breakfast nook simply use a corner of the kitchen and set off the new nook with different flooring.


    • The history of the breakfast nook dates back to the beginning of the last century. It rose out of the American working and middles classes, who did not have time or money to eat large, elaborate meals attended by servants in opulent dining rooms. Less wealthy Americans popularized breakfast nooks as a place to have a quick, informal meal in the morning in a small alcove (they were often built in, especially in arts and crafts style houses) slightly removed from the bustle of the kitchen.


    • Although breakfast nooks had humble beginnings, there are now many different styles. Some people choose to have a more elegant, refined breakfast nook that is suitable for company, while others choose a more country-breakfast feel. Choosing the locations and materials of the furniture for a breakfast nook makes defining the style easier, but even if a breakfast nook is already in place, decorative statements, such as candles, cushions and artwork can help to create a specific atmosphere.

    How to Choose a Breakfast Nook

    • An L-shaped booth is a good option for families, as it can sit many people and utilizes the corner space. It also gives the area a cozy feel. A similar design features freestanding benches (which, like booths, can provide hidden storage underneath).
      Pub tables are taller than traditional tables, and are usually accessorized with a couple of high chairs. These are better suited to couples or a small number of adults.
      A dinette is the most versatile. This regular kitchen table can be placed in a nook and chairs can be added or taken away as needed.


    • If a home does not already come with a breakfast nook, creating one can be as simple or as complex as an owner would like. The simplest way to create a nook is to set the area apart with different decorative accents. More complicated projects include building booths into the wall or setting off the area with different flooring. Always measure corners and other parts of the room before buying furniture and materials.





Life means Comfortable Things / Viata inseamna lucruri comfortabile

Sooo, which is your heaven style ???  A few interesting ideas of design :


Deci, care este stilul tau? Citeva idei de design aici :



Bubble House


Daniel Ballou – Design


Drew House


ECO Perch


Flintstones House 🙂


Birds Nest for Kids 🙂


Half/Graffiti Hotel Room








Metaform Apartment


Moon Hoon




Maldive Residences





Watches for MEN

It seems that men have fewer accessories than women do. This is true. Women have various kinds of wearing such as dresses, skirts jeans and so on. And they have much jewelry such as earrings, rings, bracelets etc. Other accessories such as hats, belts, handbags are also common items in their life. What about men? It is said that a watch, a leather belt and a pair of leather shoes are the most important accessories for men. Whether it is true or not is not important. What can be sure is that a watch plays an important role during a man’s lifetime. Why?


What a man is proud of is always his wealth. If he is wealthy enough, a high-end timepiece is necessary. People usually judge a man by seeing the timepiece he wears. Thus, a good watch is essential if a man wants to show off his wealth.

Even though a man is not wealthy enough, he also needs a classic and nice timepiece if he wants to leave deep impressions to others. A man who wears a timepiece leaves the impression of being punctual to many people. That means a man who wears a watch leaves good impression to others as more and more people realize how important time it is today.

What’s more, a watch tells people the wearer’s social position. As we know, famous people like to wear a famous timepiece. They pay much attention to their images. And they usually attend some important social activities. If a man wants to tell people how important he is in such an occasion, the best way is to wear a branded timepiece. A person who is respected by people surely wears such a timepiece.

Besides, a man who wears a high-end wristwatch shows his good taste to people. From the timepiece a man wears people knows his taste. Therefore, it is important for a man to have a good piece.

A watch is very important for man as it tells people many details about him such as social position, taste and wealth. If a man wants to have good image, a timepiece is an essential accessory for him.


The Most Important Accessory 🙂